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As I was searching for inspiration to write tonight, I placed my computer down to see what the commotion in the bathroom was.  From across the hall, my eldest daughter comes racing across the hall, dripping wet wearing only a towel.

“Mom, the water pressure dropped in my shower.”

Two seconds later I hear another shower door close and think “she is done quick!” (about my youngest daughter).  Walking into the bathroom I hear “Mom, the water just stopped.”

Two minutes of research later, I found out there is a water main break in town, a major one at that, and no update on when it will be fixed.  You can see their wheels turning…no water…how would I use the bathroom at school…how would I get water from the water fountain? The kids brains are spinning now and excitement is setting in!  So I sat back down…

And when I picked up my computer, I looked at my blog site and somehow a short post I wrote about a year ago was looking back at me.  These precious moments we have with our kids, are priceless.  Whether it is contemplating water loss to the house, solving one of life’s many childhood mysteries or watching my children learn and grow, I often become emotional – not sad – but emotional in a very joyous, loving and proud way.  These kids bring a never-ending smile to my face, sometimes so much so, a small tear trickles out.

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