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It is inevitable, after a long day at school, 2 hour of gymnastics practice and dinner much later than normal, we shuffle the children upstairs to begin their nighttime routine.

  • Change into pajamas
  • Brush teeth and hair
  • Crawl into bed

But somewhere between walking upstairs and putting on pajamas, my 10-year derails EVERY.NIGHT.

The simple task of getting ready for bed turns into:

  • Picking out clothes for the next day
  • Fluffing hair
  • Moisturizing hands
  • Posing in the mirror
  • Talking selfie while posing in mirror
  • Trimming nails
  • Sorting through clothes strewn on floor
  • Posing in mirror (again)
  • Putting t-shirt on
  • Putting on same pair of leg-almost-torn-off -even-though-I-bought-her-an-identical-pair-two-months-ago pajama bottoms
  • Smiling at self in mirror while antagonizing younger sister
  • Putting toothpaste on toothbrush
  • Drink of water
  • Putting toothbrush down to brush hair
  • Finally brushing teeth
  • Coconut oil treatment
  • One last hair brush
  • Off to bed
  • Drink of water

But then it gets better.  My love, my eldest daughter, my sensitive beauty, becomes Chatty Cathy!  And it is so hard to stop her from talking because this is where she opens up, where she shares about her day, but then as tonight progressed, she wanted to teach me a math lesson about mid, mean and medium.  Which led into a conversation about why school should rethink their curriculum and teach things kids REALLY need to know like…how to get yourself out of a locked closet.  “You know mom, the REAL important stuff!”

There is nothing more than I love than our bedtime rituals; while they can be frustrating at times after the kids and parents have had a long day, it is that special bonding time where we curl up together, unwind from the day and talk about some of life’s most complex issues through the lens of a 10-year old’s eyes.

And did I mention the bedtime hugs and kisses?  Simply the best.