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I am giving up writing what writing day this is…an initiative to simplify things that don’t much matter during this busy holiday season!

As a family, we try to stay true to letting each holiday have their own special time; spending Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving and not getting caught in the upcoming holiday rush.

But inevitably, it happens.  Honestly, the start of the Christmas season as always been at high noon on Thanksgiving, when Santa and Mrs.Claus make their grand appearance at the end of the  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  When the parade is over, we enjoy the rest of our day, giving thanks and eating too much, and secretly looking forward to the next day to start all of our holiday decorating.

It becomes hard to hold firm when we are constantly blasted by consumers pushing Christmas at Halloween and having children who are in awe and anticipating the season. So we do the best we can…we simply try to stay true to letting each holiday have their own special time.

But today is special on three account; it is December 1st, the Advent calendars come out and we are heading to the lightening of the National Christmas Tree.  I may be the more overtly excited of our brood, but secretly I know everyone is. We have been fortunate to see the lightening in person once before and it is magical.  Magical in the sense that we are surrounded by the holiday spirit, by the beauty of the holidays and tons of happy people!  I can’t wait for tonight…

These pictures are from 6 years ago, can’t wait to see how tonight goes!

Happy December 1st everyone!