Today is a very special day.  A day to celebrate a very special man; one who has taught me well over the years, given graciously of himself and been there for me whenever I needed him.  Whether it was a shoulder to cry on or a generous laugh at one of my many gaffs, his support has been unwavering.

Holidays, vacations, baseball games, marching band, graduation for high school and college, moving out on my own, walking me down the aisle and giving birth to my children, he has been there in present or in spirit.

He has remarkable musical talents, connects with people, delivers tough messages and delivers touching messages.  He has a strong work ethic that is found in few and the desire to see the Grand Canyon and the Great Wall of China.

I thank you Dad for giving so much of yourself over the years to so many people.  Today is your day to celebrate and be celebrated.  Your entire family loves you with all of our hearts.

Happy 70th Birthday Dad (a.k.a. Daddy, Poppa, Grandpa and friend.)


My Dad; after a hearty birthday meal at Rio Grande last year.