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Day 20 writing prompt:  A bird, a plane, you!  You get to choose one superpower.  Pick one of these, and explain tour choice:  the ability to speak and understand any language, the ability to travel through time, or the ability to make any two people agree with each other.

She giggled and crawled under the covers as I came near her.  Her head peaking out just enough so the soft fuzz tickled my nose as I smothered the top of her head in goodnight kisses.

I said goodnight sweetheart and rose gently to leave, but was pulled down with the force of a 7 year old gymnast.

Momma, you can’t leave until I give you rapid kisses, baby kisses and kiss each part of your face.

I lowered myself back onto the bed next to my daughter who has had this same ritual, night after night for as long as I can remember.  No night was a true “goodnight” until she lathered my with rapid kisses – those quick, sweet kisses all over my face.  Baby kisses – those ever-so-soft kisses all over my face.  Topped off with a kiss for my forehead, both eyebrows, both eyelids, my nose, two cheeks, my lips and finally my chin.

Only then was it time for her to slip quietly into a good night sleep.

I am very aware that there will come a day when the precious rapid kisses and the ever-so-soft baby kisses will slow down or stop.  There may come a day when our goodnight ritual becomes a quick tuck in and a kiss on the forehead.  There will come a day when my daughters leave home and the goodnight kisses stop all together.

And when that happens…time travel will become my super power…