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Day 16 writing prompt:  Land of confusion – tell us about a time when  you felt out of place.

I believe we have all been there… a time when we have felt out of place, ordinary, scared, uncertain.  If we welcome this confusion, we can learn so much about ourselves… about our fortitude, our strength, our beauty and our direction.

Feeling out of place and lonely has felt like:

  • Being the only young girl playing on an all boys baseball team
  • Getting braces
  • Leaving home for the first time
  • Starting my first job
  • Loosing friends
  • Loosing loved ones
  • Not feeling pretty enough, or good enough, or too skinny, or too tall
  • Being told ‘you can’t’

And it takes courage.  Courage to move forward when we feel lost; courage to stand tall when we feel different, courage to summon grit when we feel let down, courage to ask for help when we feel we should know the answers, courage to cry when you are tired of holding it in.

It takes courage to take that next step to make your life beautiful.