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Day 14 writing prompt –  FAQ:   Interview someone – a  friend, another blogger, your mother, the mailman – and write a post based on their responses.

This writing prompt was a disaster.  On any normal day I can ask my daughter(s) a question and the conversation goes on forever.  A simple question such as “tell me about the best part of your day” turns into an elaborate description of every minutia, which I love; but today, knowing that they were being interviewed, the situation imploded.  The girls became more concerned with what I was writing than the story that was being written.  My eldest daughter decided to script her answer word for word and my youngest decided to start counting the number of “a’s” I typed in any given sentence.

I gave up…I guess this is a lesson learned…if I am going to interview my children for a writing prompt, do it in a conversational manner, don’t try to type as they speak.

And on a separate, I gently reminded my husband 4 times this morning if he would stop at Wegman’s to pick up soap.  We are out, kind of need soap to bathe.  Came home tonight, finished work, ate dinner and placed youngest in the tub. Kindly asked, “did you pick up soap tonight?”

Youngest daughter chimed in…”oh daddy, you got burned, you forgot!”

Me: “Really, after asking 4 times you didn’t get soap?”

Youngest daughter: “Yeah daddy, you got burned!”

Me “Unbelievable.”

Husband: “You mean that soap?”

Youngest daughter:  “Oh yeah, daddy didn’t get burned, he got soap, I forgot.”

Me:  “Ok, you got soap.  Thanks…”

And back to our regularly scheduled program…