Day 13 writing prompt:  Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

Another moment has presented itself to me to rise above, to keep walking, to take the high road, instead of spending my time lumbering through the depressing topic of evil.  I choose to flip the word (literally) and write about live.  What does it mean to live, what does it feel to live, and in that beautiful conversation, remove the evil from my vocabulary and thought.

For me, in its cerebral form, to live is to:

  • know your passion
  • do what you love and do it often
  • sing, to dance, to sway with the music
  • change what you don’t like
  • make every moment count
  • breathe deeply and pause
  • cherish all of the moments in life
  • savor every delicious bite
  • travel often, whether near or far; to experience wanderlust
  • surround yourself with beauty, whatever your definition of beauty is
  • create memories
  • teach, to learn, to seek to understand, especially viewpoints that are different
  • move past the past, embrace the present and be open to the future

For me, in the here and now, to live is to:

  • cheer loudly for my children
  • take time to run, practice yoga, meditate
  • sample every recipe by daughter makes
  • to travel the corners of the globe with my family
  • breath deeply on the top of a mountain before skiing downhill
  • let the waves crash upon me on a sunny beach
  • make our house a home
  • believe that I am good mother
  • be a supportive and generous wife
  • read my favorite books and watch my favorite movies
  • stay positive when the negative threatens to take over
  • reach my goals and live with no regrets








How do you flip evil and choose to live?