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Day 10 writing prompt: Food for the soul (and the stomach)  Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare.  Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations? 

Corn on the cob, hands down…the best food ever. Butter and Sugar, Silver Queen… there is no fresh corn on the cob I don’t love.    Drizzled in butter, sprinkled with Pink Himalayan salt,   Mexican-style or cooked in husk on an open fire…it just doesn’t matter. I love corn on the cob.

But apparently I mumble and and swoon…my eyes close as I feel the burst of every sweet kernel. A small sound of delight escapes from the back of my throat as I savor each and every bite.   I am banned from eating it at home, or in public, or around my family.  Apparently my love for fresh corn on the cob embarrasses my family.

And so the saga continues…summer produces the sweetest food on earth. I find the best little roadside stands that produce the sweetest corn around.  I sit on the front porch and shuck my corn, sampling it as I place it in the pot to cook. The sweet steam escapes and finally the corn is ready.

My family stares…I butter the corn and sprinkle it with salt…I take a bit and can’t help but mumble and swoon.

I love my corn.