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It happened again; I let myself become a victim of time, which nearly resulted in my creative outlet of blogging being shut down.  Not in the formal sense, but I began to feel lost, my creative juices started to dry up and float away.  I watched as they flew by and remembered something Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in Big Magic (and I paraphrased)…if you pay no attention to the idea presenting itself to you, it will find someone who does.

The line was drawn in the sand today, the reset button was pushed.  And so the new journey will start.  And a big thank you to WordPress who created the inspiration which is giving me the energy to restart.

Over the next 365 days I am encouraged to write based on a prompt.  Nothing long and drawn out unless I choose otherwise.  But each and every day for 1 year, a few sentences, a few thoughts, to keep those creative juices alive.

Welcome back.

Don't Let Creativity Suffocate