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Leafing through a book sitting on my desk today, I stumbled upon a treasure.  A special hand-written note from my daughter, full of adjectives describing me through my name.

Oh how this warmed my heart!

And yes, you will see misspellings below because I am copying these beautiful words as written by a 9 year old.

R – responsible

E – exiting

B – beutiful

E – eventures (thinking this is adventurous)

C – cute

C – coorect

A – amazing

A – awesome

N – never negitave

N – noisy

G – gorgus (spell this however you want to sweetheart, I feel it!)

O – outstanding

D – dedicatshion

F – fantastic

R – rediculas

E – easy for work (Not quite sure what this is is all about.  Maybe easy to work for?)

Y – yep, I said everything (love it!)

How would your children, spouse, friends describe you by your name?