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As we are getting all tucked in for bed last night, my youngest (who is 7) sat straight up in bed, looked at me and said:

Mom, we need to work on your clothing style.  You need to dress more like me, you know, more sporty.  Leggings, tennis shoes, just more sporty.

As I glanced over to her, thinking she may be just a tad bit crazy  or maybe talking in her sleep, my oldest (who is 9) looked at me and said:

Yes mom, you might need a little bit of work on your face and hair.  Your make up is good, maybe try something a little different though.  But your hair, it needs to be darker and with curls.

I just sat there with a puzzled smile on my face, wondering what to say next.  I wanted to respond with a snarky retort (and I sometimes do) but I was too curious where this conversation what coming from.  So instead, our conversation when something like this:

Sweetie, mommy is proud and comfortable with how she dresses and looks.  Sure, I could use a few minor tweaks here and there (my hair does need trimmed), but will those change who I am as a mom, no.  Are you both happy with your styles and how you are growing into beautiful young ladies?  (their answer was yes)

We talked about where true beauty comes from as we have several times before and I applauded them for feeling comfortable enough to share with me, some areas where they believed I could use a little ‘touch-up.’

In the end, it was a heart-warming conversation. My youngest wanted me to dress and look like her.  My oldest wanted me to dress and look like her.  To me, this was a compliment at its highest level.  And before my daughters fell asleep last night, they looked at me and said:

Mom, you are beautiful just the way you are.

And to my daughters I replied,

You too, are beautiful just the way you are!