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She looked at me and wondered why.  And then gently patted me on the shoulder and wiped away the tear from my eye.

She asked why.  And as I choked back yet another tear, I could only muster a smile without more tears flowing.

She wondered why.  And as I saw her look into my tear filled eyes, she leaned over and wrapped her arms tightly around me.

She wanted to know why.  She wanted to understand.  And as I opened my mouth to tell her why, the tears started again.

She is an old soul at the ripe old age of 9.

When she needs comforting, I am right there for her.

When she is worried, or unsure, or with tears in her eyes, I gently wipe those tears away as I do my best to help her understand why.

When she needs it, I am right there with a smile for her; sometimes the smile is the only word she needs to hear.

When she needs it, I am right there to wrap my arms around her.

But today is a different day.  The tears that flow, the hugs that surround, stem purely from the joy and love a parent feels for their child.

The questions of “why” come from a place of trying to understand the depths of where that love grows.

And she knows, I know she knows.  She can feel the love that radiates from me as I hold her tight.  She can feel the love as the tears flow from my eyes.  She can feel the love as I smile.

She knows my love.  As as we cheer on her sister, my tears flow, our smiles radiate from ear to ear, she looks at me and giggles. She knows my love, and someday when she has children of her own, she too, will understand the depth of that love.