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I step on my map and close my eyes
A deep inhale as my feet become rooted into the ground
I hear Shiva Rea’s voice echo softly in my head, “Let’s get ready to flow”
I exhale away the day, the thoughts, the worries, the fears and just be…

Whether it is set to music or silent stillness, Surya Namaskara is one of my favorite flows. Maybe it’s because I can just let go and consciously breath with every move, or maybe it’s because this is the time where I feel lost yet alive. The lost is the feeling of just letting the body and breath go free; free to move together. The alive is in the Upward Salute — Urdhva Hastasana, as I inhale while sweeping my arms out to the side and overhead, gently arching my back and gazing inwardly or toward the sky.

I can feel the freedom in the movement, the sun shining bright, washing away the dark.