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There is no “them,” there is no “they,” there is only we.

With everything we do, thought we articulate, negative statement we make about another person, race, religious group, political party (and the list goes on), we teach our children and anyone who may be listening, that it is ok to discriminate, that it is ok to share an opinion or viewpoint because “it is my right.”   We teach that it is ok to put ourselves on a pedestal and look down at another, making judgment.

But do we stop to consider the unintended consequence of our words and actions?

Oh, it was just a post on Facebook.

It was only a joke.

It was just a harmless tweet.

He/she deserved it.

“They” just can’t handle it

We live in a place where we can share our opinions, but do we need to do it with a tone of negativity, trying to prove that “I’m right and you’re wrong?”  That “my belief is the right one, yours is not.” That “If you don’t agree with my way of thinking that you have a problem.”

If we want to help change the world, to make it a better place when we leave this earthly plane, then tear off those collars of discrimination, because kindness does matter.