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We see the world from where we are. We see the world from our height, vantage point, perspective and our experiences.  We form conclusions and make assumptions about the world around us. 

But when was the last time you stopped and looked at the world from a new angle?  Picked up a camera and gazed through the lens (even your iPhone will do!) to see what lies on the other side?  Or simply laid a blanket on the ground and looked out across the grass. 

This past weekend I did just that.  My daughters wanted to place blankets on the ground and just soak up the sun. As I joined them, this is the view that presented itself to me.   

 I saw the smallness and stillness of the ground in front of me. I saw the beauty of the weeds, the greenness of the grass, the blue hue of the sky and this brought a calm peace to the moment.

Where do you find you calm; your peace?