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Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to provide a blow-by-blow of today’s Juice Cleanse. But in all honestly, there have been no blow’s about it. I haven’t taken anyone down, knocked anyone out, only given praise, thanks and kind words to those around me. I am wondering if this juicing thing could also me making me a happier person? I feel that way right now, and strangely not hungry, but considering the amount of nutrients I am getting in 96+ ounces of juice a day, I think I am entitled to feel happier!

And I feel lighter in multiple senses.

1. Lighter in my step as a glide down the hallway at work.
2. Lighter and clearer in my thinking; the fog has honestly lifted.
3. And so much lighter in my breathe. This one is fascinating to me because when I do a cleanse or an elimination diet I can tell immediately what foods trigger a negative reaction in my body. Last nights incident with the mushroom soup reminded me that dairy (and there was no milk, only butter in the Amy’s soup) wreaks havoc on my respiratory system. And now, I BREATH CLEAR!
4. Lighter around my waist (the rim of my underwear isn’t crushed under the weight of a puffy waist)

2:13 p.m. And just to prove to you that I am lighter in many senses today, my Yogi Tea told me so. Very appropriate message from a wise tea maker.


9:09 p.m. As I finish my last Cashew Milk of the cleanse, all I can saw is…Ladies, remember when you were days away from giving birth and the nesting energy was allowing you to clean anything and everything? Well, that is exactly how I feel today. But this is pure, clean energy without the final-days-of-pregnancy-get-this-baby-born-now feeling. I am sitting here happy and content; not really even having thought about tomorrows first meal.

So as I continue about my day today, I am curious to see what else materializes. Do I look forward to going back to food, sure I do, because food is a very social event. More green or carrot juice, you bet. Heavy carbs, protein or sweets, nah…they don’t even sound that good. But now that I think of food, a crisp green salad with Annie’s Goddess Dressing sounds amazing! But have I been able to live without food, yes. Doing a juice cleanse was something that terrified me for the sole reason of giving up food and nervous how my body would react. But I will tell you this. If you stop for just a short period of time and listen, truly listen to your body, you will find out more than you ever dreamed it could tell you. But the key is, you have to listen carefully.

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