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April showers bring May flowers and the wonderful memories of my childhood spring.

The first peek of purple, yellow and white crocuses.
Scented, yellow daffodils.
Ringing the unsuspecting doorbell of a neighbor to deliver (secretly) flower wrapped in wet paper towels and aluminum foil on May Day.
First cut green grass.
Flowering locust trees.
“Helicopters” falling from budding maple trees.

Oh, those helicopters! When I was a little girl, it was never really spring until we threw those maple tree “helicopters” in the air and let them coming fluttering down to the ground. Time and time again, we would scoop them up, toss them high and repeat the process over and over. I am so grateful my family loves to do this too!

What spring traditions do you and your family participate in?

Property of Rebecca Baybayan

Property of Rebecca Baybayan