I find it hard to believe that almost 60 days have passed since I last posted.  But if I look around, it is kind of obvious.

  1. Gymnastics practice 3 times a week for the girls
  2. Gymnastic competitions
  3. A new role at work with an increased travel schedule
  4. Ski weekends
  5. Snow days (which turned into ski days)
  6. More travel for work, and loving every minute of it
  7. Yoga
  8. And remembering who I am

With all of the busy, remarkably there has been a lot of time to think.  Mostly on planes or while waiting for the girls practice to finish,  Time to think about life, about self, about what really matters, and about what doesn’t matter.  Time to think about today and tomorrow (I try not to look back) and of possibilities.  Time to think about that feeling in the pit of my stomach, what I have started to affectionately refer to as a mid-life transformation.  Time to think about courage and fear, joy and happiness.  Time to remind myself that the world does not sit on my shoulders, though many days it feels that way.  Time to remember that perfectionism is not something I should strive for, but to simply do my best.

Where has all of this thinking led me?  Not really anywhere, but it has led me closer to remembering to think about me.  To remember that I am only as valuable to others as the time I carve out for myself.  To remember that I need to take care of myself in order to care for others.  To remember that I am human; not super human, not super woman, but simply human.  To remember to get back to my form of creativity as an outlet.  To blog, to paint, to practice yoga and to breathe.  Some days it is a simple as ‘breathe.’