Day 18 of Inspiration

Some of the most subtle of messages are right in front of us; when we least expect it.  I joined a Facebook page several months ago called Happy Hearts and our joy comes from finding the unexpected “hearts” in the world around us.  After showing this page to my daughters one day, it because a quest to find those cherished hearts.  We have found them in Virginia, Ohio, Mexico and West Virginia.  They usually appear when we are not looking for them, but when we need them the most.

At dinner the other night, one appeared right in front of me.  I glanced down at the dinner table in the restaurant to clear space before our food arrived and guess who was there, gently staring back up at me.  She may be hard to see, but she was there when I needed her.

All the inspiration I needed for the day.

Hearts; Property of Rebecca Baybayan

Hearts; Property of Rebecca Baybayan