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Day 16 of Inspiration

I have the best of intentions. To eat healthy, exercise and practice yoga, but there are days when all of that goes down the drain. Work can become overwhelming, the to-do list never seems to end and the stress I put on myself simply wears me down. I am a people-pleaser and fixer by nature; you ask me to do something and it will get done. I thrive on helping others; knowing I have made a difference. But if I choose to listen close enough, my body begins to tell me when I have forgotten to take help the most important person…me.

The twitching above my right eye.
The throbbing in the center of my forehead.
The stiff neck and subsequent pinched nerve.
Craving junk food.
Becoming short-tempered.

When I am conscious enough to stop and acknowledge what my body is telling me, the running around frantically suddenly stops. I again become aware that I need to come back to me; I am brought back to a place of awareness; too much time has passed and by body, my one and only body, needs me to take care of her again.

So my inspiration for today is to stop….and feel….I feel the twitching over my right eye. I feel the throbbing in the center of my forehead. I promise to stop and take care of me; if just for a moment (smile).

Besides, what good am I to anyone if I can’t even take care of myself.