Day 11 of Inspiration

They are always there for me when I need a hug.
They are my fearless travel companions.
When I am sick, they check in with me every minute of the day to make sure I am recovering.
They kiss me goodnight every evening.
Each morning we have our routine, “Mommy can I kick you out the door then wave bye to you?”
We laugh, we cry, we play, we work.
They are wiser beyond on their years; they are my old souls.
They inspire me with artwork and songs and dance.
Bedtime routines haven’t changed much in 8 years; snuggles and cuddles all around.
They miss me when I’m gone and wrap me with love when I come home.
They are similar yet so very different.
They hold me when I cry and tickle me to make me smile.
They laugh.
They love.
They are at the center of my universe and so much of what I do is because of them.
They are my inspiration.

Property of Rebecca Baybayan

Property of Rebecca Baybayan