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Day 3 of Inspiration

It happened in Yoga class the other day. Our Friday class is a Power Vinyasa Flow and power (well strength) just happened to be the intention I set for the practice. As we powered through our 433rd chaturanga, (maybe a slight exaggeration, but my shoulders were screaming!) we were challenged to try something a bit different. Instead of progressing into a restorative child’s pose, we stayed in high plank, moved to high lunge and from there a new world opened up in front of me and that moment of inspiration hit. I could barely hear the teacher as she moved with grace, but one look at her arm balance and my intention came flooding back to me…strength!

My arm balance was not a success the first time, or the second, and barely an arm balance on the third try. But as my teacher says, “Falling out is life, getting back in is yoga.” (This may be a slight mis-quote but this is what I hear…I fall out of the poses and don’t beat myself up, I muster the strength and desire to get back in.)

And then it happened. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t perfect, but it came from within and was all me. My arms shook, my nose bobbed off of the ground but my legs were outstretched and off the ground! Joy and elation took over when I could say “I did it!”

It wasn’t the New Year that urged me to try something new; it was a view, a desire and the inner strength. This was my inspiration today.

Property of Rebecca Baybayan

Property of Rebecca Baybayan