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I wasn’t expecting a life lesson at a trunk or treat.

Halloween brings shivers of terror to me that run up and down my spine. It isn’t the ghoulish decorations or the thought of the dead roaming the earth, but the candy; the copious amounts of candy. But the tradition of trick-or-treating trumps the fear of candy overload. Dressing up with our children, roaming from house to house with friends and family as the satchels become fuller and fuller. Getting home and dumping the goods on the floor; sorting the good from the best of the best.

But this year is a bit different. I can’t remember a year when I missed Halloween, but that year is here. Since work will have me oversees there had to be another solution to resurrect what my oldest daughter is now calling “The Most Important Holiday.” This was news to me, but from the eyes of an 8 year old, any holiday where a parent is absent, becomes the best holiday ever; how can I argue with that.

Luckily this weekend, we had two opportunities to dress up for the “The Most Important Holiday” ever. The Witch, Batman and Black Widow were about to roam the earth; first in a parade and then to wander the neighborhood Trunk or Treat.

October 2014 Import 299

As we were wandering down the car lined row, we passed a car that caused me stop and take a second look, not because they had created a wonderful rendition of the Wizard of Oz, but because of the following signs:

October 2014 Import 306

October 2014 Import 307

Hmmm. Where was I heading, and was I walking down the Yellow Brick Road? Where was this road leading me? All I knew at that minute, was that I was following my heart. My yellow brick road had brought me to an amazing husband and two beautiful girls. My yellow brick road may have some bends, some turns and a few bricks missing, but it is my road. I couldn’t ask for a better road. And as for Kansas? A long time ago I made the choice to leave Kansas. I wanted to experience and feel life. I wanted to embrace change no matter how scary it was. I wanted to see where that yellow brick road would take me. I made my choice; I made the right choice and my yellow brick road gets better every day.

Take the road less traveled and forge your own yellow brick road.

Fear not change, but seek it out.

We may not be in Kansas anymore, and it may be uncomfortable especially if you love your Kansas, but when we step out of our comfort zone, a whole new world awaits us.

Funny how all of these thoughts surfaced by engaging in the simple act of taking my daughter’s to a Trunk or Treat. You never know when a life lesson (or a little reminder) will hit.