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I am ashamed to admit that I broke a promise to myself.  When I started Brene’s course, “The Gifts of Imperfection,” I purchased a spiral bound artist notebook which soon became a haven for my creativity.  I made myself a promise that I would carry that notebook everywhere with me for a year, to capture and collect that thoughts, images and quotes of my life.

Six months in, it stopped.

I sat in a rocking chair one night preparing for an overseas trip, trying to figure out how I could possibly take the notebook with me; it had become an extension of me, and to leave it home, seemed so wrong.  In the end, space won out, but I promised I would pick my notebook up the minute I returned home and tuck it back into my purse.

But for whatever reason, it never made it back into my purse.  It sat quietly next to my rocking chair, just waiting to be filled with inspiration.

I never stopped finding inspiration to add to my notebook, but the inspiration didn’t seem to make it there.  The thoughts, images and quotes of my life got stashed in my carry-all bag, often crumpled beyond recognition after spending a week being sat on by clutches, computers, make-up bags and cell phones.

Until today.  I thought, why is it easier to keep a promise to others that it is to keep a promise to myself? I need to honor the commitments I make to myself, for I am just as important.  When I keep promises to myself, I stay strong, I stay trustworthy, and I stay me.

So from this day forward, until the end of the year (or longer if I fancy), I promise to carry my notebook wherever I go and capture life’s inspiration and beauty.

See what my beautiful notebook has missed out on?

A Sweet Note from my Daughter

A Sweet Note from my Daughter

Origami Hearts Made at My Mom's

Origami Hearts Made at My Mom’s