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It is hard to say she is all grown up when she is only 5.

That statement may be a bit of an exaggeration, but a little one’s first successful sleepover with a friend is a big deal!

With her big sister in tow, a tent pitched in the family room and her good friend by her side, she took a leery leap and joined in the ranks of big girls.

I sat by nervously waiting all night for the text that she wanted to come home to mommy.  To snuggle up in the warmth and protection of all that’s familiar.

It was the first night for me with no one else in the house. I wasn’t quite sure what to do, this was uncharted territory (after having kids).

Instead, I popped popcorn, put a movie in, and was sound asleep by 10:30; apparently she was too.

Unless I have been on travel, there has rarely been a night without my children.  Last night I felt the parental pain of my little ones growing up.  The feeling of not needing momma.  The feeling of fear that my children are growing up quick.  The feeling of fear that they won’t want me coming with them to events, vacations.  Before I know it they will be leaving for college, getting married and having children of their own.

But for now, I will remind myself to be content with today and not fret about the future.  Yes, they are growing up, but they are learning from each of these new experiences.  I can’t hold them back, but I can give them my love, support and guidance.

Live for today, love for today and cherish each happy, radiant moment today.