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You know the song, the one that is played on the Classic Rock Station, but brings back memories of carefree summers or high school dances.

You know the book, the one you carried around because it made such an impression and to leave that book at home seemed well, not right!

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Our interactions, both the good and the bad make their mark on each and every one of us.  Our memories are stored until just the right time when a scent, a voice, a rhythm, or a quote sends us back to that moment in time when that memory was created.  Sometimes it feels like yesterday as we relive that experience from 25 years ago.  Sometimes, like what happened today, a memory that has not yet been created  began as a thought in my mind. Triggered by a melody, which turned into a deep breath, which turned into something I just had to try when I got home.

Waiting for a light to turn red on my way home from work, the song “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith came on.  With his soulful voice and emotion plea, I sighed a deep breath.  That breath led to another deep breath, which then transported me to my yoga practice.  With or without music, yoga teaches the art of connecting with ones breath  and that is exactly what I felt this song do, it connected me with my breath.  I could visualize a Sun Salutation, the inhalation, and then the deep exhalation.  I found myself calming down and sinking into the music.

As I put my children to bed tonight, I needed to give it a try. Would this melody again connect me to my breath and let me flow through a vinyasa?  I started in Mountain pose, deep inhale then fold forward.  Inhale up half way.  Exhale forward fold.  Inhale rise to mountain.  Hand to heart center.  And this simple flow continued through a blissful 3m30s. But more importantly, a new memory was made.  Now each time I hear that song, I know I can come back to a place of peace.