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From “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty…”

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind the walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel.  This is the purpose of life.

It was missing and so began the journey.  Was it a journey to find the “it” or to find himself?  To face his reality or to confront his fears and to live the life of his desire.

Enter the “she” (well, me…)

As she stood there facing her fear, the only thought going through her mind was “how.”  How did her normal confident self get into this situation?  It seemed benign at first; everyone else could do it.  Two obstacles had been crossed but the third one paralyzed her with fear.  She felt her body shut down, thoughts ceased to exist.  For the longest five minutes of her life she couldn’t take that next step, the one which would get her home.  Digging farther than ever before, she found it; the courage, the strength and sheer will to move.  One foot in front of the other, over rope and platform, swinging to the finish.

She saw the world from a different view in a way she had never felt.   Once the fear was addressed, she was compelled to try again.  The fear of the unknown…becoming known…experiencing it yet again with a new perspective.

But again she couldn’t take the only step she needed to take. The world below was too far away, too far to catch her.  But it was the next step that redefined her; courage, bravery and a step into the unknown.  She lost her breath, she closed her eyes, she held on until her feet hit the earth.  It welcomed her and reassured her that the first step can be the most difficult, but that one step opens the possibility.

And as she sailed with the wind, spinning, nothing in this moment was more important than embracing the adventure and setting herself free; to move from behind the door, to being the one walking through the door.  Living in the moment, not regretting the past or wishing for the future, but simply being here and now.