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I am?  Really?

Maybe when I was 5 years old making spaghetti art with my mom and brother in the kitchen.  You know, taking wet spaghetti and throwing it against a piece of construction paper, one strand at a time.  It always turned out beautiful.

Maybe when I was in primary school and made a “glass slipper” out of clay and painted it pink and yellow.

Maybe in middle school when I learned to play the trombone, the flute, the oboe and finally the piccolo.

Maybe in high school playing Betty Rizzo from Grease for our senior musical.

In my late teens and 20’s, I think it is still there, but school is keeping me busy.

In my 30s’s, are you kidding…all I do is work!

In my 40’s, me creative? No, I have lost my creativity.  I HAD LOST MY CREATIVITY and had no clue how to get it back.  Insert the Wholehearted Journey.  I can now see why I felt my creativity was lost, but I didn’t realize that my creativity may have just taken a different shape.  Maybe I wasn’t coloring, painting, writing poetry and playing musical instruments again, but I AM A CREATIVE BEING.  It just took some soul searching to find it.


I also realized that there were some “Art Scars” that had been formed along the way.  Until recently, it never donned on me how harsh it is that Art in school gets graded.  Aren’t each of us creative beings in our own special way?  What makes on child’s piece of art better than the next?   By grading, I felt that my art wasn’t good enough, but in reality, my art is beautiful!

Other art scars were “Work needs to come first,” “Too many other things are much more important.”  But I have learned that art is relaxing and there is always time for art and creativity.

So along the way, I have vowed to make time for creativity.  To get me going in 2014 I will exercise my creativity (and some art) by:

  • Taking a Bikram yoga class
  • Take guitar lessons with my daughter
  • Continue to blog and practice creative writing
  • Pole dancing (now that is creative!)

So I leave you with some creative thoughts from my Brene Brown course in case your creativity has taken a back seat to life.

Our Unique Contribution

Don't Let Creativity Suffocate

Make Meaning

To our creativity….xoxo