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One of my favorite quotes on gratitude comes from Melody Breathe:

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

On our week 5 journey to Wholeheartedness, there was one thing we needed to get crystal clear on and it was that we needed to practice gratitude. There would be days where we may not feel grateful, but the lesson was that it wasn’t that we needed to “feel” grateful, but we needed to “practice” being grateful. There is a big difference! There are days when I feel down in the dumps and that nothing is going my way. My kids are sick, my husband is gone, it is snowing for the 53rd time this winter and the driveway needs shoveled, and school is yet again cancelled. I may not have been feeling grateful at that particular moment in time, but my perspective was snapped back into place when I did stop and practice gratitude.


I was grateful that I could stay home and take care of my children. I was grateful that my husband was back flying again. I was grateful for the exercise as I shoveled the driveway. I was grateful that my work let me work from home that day. While these thoughts didn’t make my children feel better, it sure as heck changed my perspective on the day. A deep breath, a long exhale and a snuggle on the couch with my children was all I really needed at that moment in time.

To quote Brene Brown,

It did remind me that there is always a spark of light even in the darkest of places.

And now I share with you, those things that feel grateful for each and every day.


What Makes My Life Complete

Here is a sort video from Brene Brown on the difference between joy and gratitude. Enjoy!

What are your grateful for today?