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Week three’s Wholehearted journey is all about giving myself a break, letting go of the perfectionism that I often inflict upon myself, and embracing a little bit of compassion.

As a looked through past pictures to find those times when I could have used a little compassion, I came across two; one was from 2nd grade when I started to doubt how pretty I was because of my teeth. I was often teased and called “Bucky Beaver” but when I look back at that picture, I see a little girl, beautiful in her own right who I would tell:

“You are worthy all by your beautiful self.”
2nd grade

My other picture was right after college, living truly on my own for the first time. Having moved 6 hours from home, knowing only one other person and trying to fit in, I made more than my fair share of mistakes. What I would say to her is:

“Dear heart, fall in love when you are ready, not when you are lonely.”

“Your body and soul are your temple; treat them with respect.”

“Others can not give you the love, validation and self-worth you seek. It must come from within.”

Since we can not go back and change the past, but we can improve the future, what words of compassion do you have for yourself? When you have that feeling that you are either not good enough, or find yourself striving for perfection instead of embracing who you are, what are your compassionate whispers?

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