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With my foundation set and a very strong decree made that I am imperfect and I am enough, I was ready to figure out how I got to this point of believing that perfection was good, and admirable and something to strive for. I learned that there is a very big difference between perfection and striving to be my best. I have held the belief that if I did as much as possible “perfect” then I was protected. But perfectionism is just a shield, it is something to hide behind; what I should have been focusing on what “How can I improve.” I took an afternoon to sort through some old pictures, searching for a point in my life what I didn’t feel the need to be perfect. I wanted the pictures to show the happiness and exuberance that I remember, when I just had fun!


When I look at her I see someone who was happy, radiant, fun and a bit mischievous.
I love and appreciate that she is so happy, so carefree and so full of joy.
Her light shines because she feels connected, loved, free and being silly.
I commit to taking care of this girl by allowing her to have alone time to regenerate; to be silly, to constantly learn, to practice yoga and above all, to be herself.