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Not being one for New Year’s resolutions, instead wanting to make lasting positive changes, I took the challenge from my yoga instructor this year to take time every day to spend it inverted. Why inverted, because deep down I loved the challenge, but on a more practical sense, but was also aware of the many benefits associated with being inverted for periods of time every day.

Improved circulation. I have a desk job and don’t move around as much as I should every day. This challenge would give me opportunity, though not at work, to get that blood flowing. (I am not sure how it would look if a co-worker stopped by and I was engaged in a headstand against the wall)

Increased blood flow to the head. Stagnation sets in; I can get bored, impatient, and listless; why not flip it upside down and clear out the cob webs!

Increased body strength. Women generally have stronger lower body strength and who doesn’t want rock’n abs and arms? Try being upside down without feeling the power of your arms working to stabilize your body. Try again being upside down without stabilizing those core muscles!

Try new yoga poses or dust off the cobwebs of poses tried years past. Think down dog, dolphin, headstand, handstand, bridge…

Heat. I love the feel of heat being built in my body. This heat is healing, it is revitalization, and it is energy.

But there was an added benefit I didn’t have on my roadmap:

Self-awareness. Each time I step onto the map, my mind begins to calm and center. I push away the endless thoughts, tasks and to-do lists of the day and try my hardest to just be. But these inversions have given me something new. Instead of seeing the world as it is in front of me, I can see my surroundings from a new perspective. I can feel my body ebb and flow as I literally turn my world upside down. My breath changes and I notice I become more conscious as I practice those 5 full inhale and exhalations. I am in a new place of peace, a new place of calm, where it is just me…to be….