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Who doesn’t love a scent that elicits a memory. The smell of pine to remind us of a Christmas Tree. The smell of Geranium to remind us of a flower bed. The smell of citrus to awaken our senses.

This holiday season, I finally got around to making many of the gifts which will be given away this year. And with the help of one very special helper, the scents of this holiday season were declared.

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Besides, who wants to smell synthetic and take a health risk with those nasty chemicals? What better and easier way to spice up your life than to purchase a few long-lasting ingredients that will allow you to mix and match to your hearts desire.

With thanks to Crunchy Betty and A Delightful Home, my daughter and I created some lovely smelling, all natural and organic stick perfumes.

Our radiant scents are:
Lemon Lavender
Clove and Sweet Orange (my personal favorite)
Pink Grapefruit and Lemon

For a quick and simple recipe, we referenced A Delightful Home’s recipe.


2T. Sweet Almond Oil
1T. Apricot Kernel Oil
1/4 cup Organic beeswax ( if you buy the 1 ounce blocks from Amazon, you will need to cut them up before melting)
3/4 t. organic essential oil of your choice. Mix and match or go for pure; it is all about you!

Place a jar (I like a glass measuring cup), in a saucepan and pour water into the pan so it will come above the ingredient line. Turn heat to medium. Add the Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel oils, along with the shaved or cut beeswax together and stir with a chopstick until completely melted.

Remove from heat and add your essential oils; stir. ( Depending on your scent, you may choose to raise or lower the amount of essential oil.)

I then poured my liquid perfume in chap stick containers and let cool. Make sure to let the mixture harder before capping. Clean up any spilled wax down the side of the containers with rubbing alcohol before adding a label (if you choose).

Have fun and smell RADIANT!