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Today marks my official graduation date at Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The final test has been taken (and passed) and the certificate will soon be in my hands. When I look back on some of the intentions I set for myself; I feel very good about the journey thus far. Some of those intentions were:
1.)To continually learn and provide my new found information to my husband and children so they are armed with the knowledge to make the best decisions possible
2.)To be with a group of like-minded people who support and encourage each other; to know that we can change the world
3.)To take what I know about nutrition beyond reading books and watching documentaries; but to actively do something about it; begin a blog, write a book.
4.)To start living my dream. I have always wanted to be a certified yoga instructor and to open my own studio. My goal is now to start that certification next January (no excuses!)
5.)To see where this journey could lead me…

My words are: Freedom, Excited, Energy, Awakened, Personal growth, Influence

Here is to my love of learning and the sweet joy of success!
Feeling accomplished!