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I appreciate Seth Godin’s post about Black Friday and the other made-to order “holidays” which cause consumer panic and increase corporate profits. (you can read it here)

This year I have started my own (some will call it ‘Grinch-like’) tradition of boycotting all retailers who have either a television or radio commercial – which I have personally seen or heard, before Santa graces his presence at the conclusion of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Why this event you ask? As a kid, I fondly remember the excited anticipation of seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus make their way down the streets of New York City, wrapping up the parade and officially kicking off the holiday season.

Nowadays, Halloween isn’t even finished before retailers are hanging the holiday decorations citing “One and Only” sales.

Where did the season of Thanksgiving disappear to? Looking around, isn’t giving thanks and being grateful something this country needs more of, not more of “60% off” the latest gadget or gizomo?

As a parent, I work hard to help my children understand the meaning of Thanksgiving and while they are echoing my sentiments of frustration around the lack of Thanksgiving spirit with the early onslaught of holiday sales, the advertisements are still there and will continue to be. But as a family, we can make the conscious choice to celebrate and give thanks and be grateful for what we have in our life.

As far as holiday shopping goes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I bid you adieu. I choose to spend my time with family and friends and a 90 minute yoga session.