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When I least expect it, gratitude rises from the earth and wraps its arms around me. It happens when I struggle, it happens when I have a hard time seeing the positive, it happens at the right time, it happens when I let it.

When I am being hard on myself, I am reminded that it is not perfection to strive for, but can I walk home at night knowing I gave it my best.

When I question my path, I am reminded to be open to what presents itself in front of me.

When I feel guilty for wanting to take a few minutes for myself, I am reminded that I am allowed.

When a generous friend help me connect the dots, I am consciously aware of how interconnected life is.

When the message of gratitude presents itself to me in numerous ways in the same day, I stop and listen. And give thanks.

Be open, be consciously aware, allow yourself to connect the dots. Gratitude is not seasonal and each day we can be grateful for something in our life, it will make us better people.

Tonight as I get ready to close my eyes, while it is much past her bedtime, I am grateful for my daughter crawling in bed next to me to snuggle and to hear her say “me too” after I whisper “I love you.”