I always wonder what my daughters take away from the many talks we have about green shakes, eating a wholesome meal, drinking water and other nutritious tidbits. It became crystal clear the other day when my daughter says to me “Mom, does a diet mean you ‘die from it?’ My response to her and her inquisitive question was, “Well sweetheart, it could happen. A diet is a way restriction for someone trying to change something, usually about their weight. Many times a person on a diet reaches their goal, but later finds out that it is unsustainable because they want back what they have given up and the weight comes back on. Maybe a better thing to do than diet and restriction is to create a new lifestyle built around understanding deep down, what is causing a person to want to change something about themselves.”

It felt like a very deep conversation to have with a small child, but at the same time, I can’t help but believe we are giving our children to tools to see the world through different lenses and question what appears to be the norm.