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2013 Summer Manifesto

With summer coming to a close and the air turning from sticky and heavy to light and free, the signs that fall is just around the corner are becoming more visible. In fact, I woke up this morning after leaving the window open all night to a refreshing 69 degrees indoors and 59 degrees outdoors. Being able to see and breathe clearly on these late summer mornings and a blessing.

Driving into work, I started thinking about the Summer Manifesto I wrote at the onset of the season and realized just how great of a summer it has been. So much so, that may family and I created a Gratitude Jar to capture all of the wonderful activities we participated in as individuals and as a family this summer.

So here it is, a recap of what I committed to this summer and results as we begin to wind down and slowly embrace the coolness of fall.

1. Do cartwheels in the grass with my daughters – more than once did this occur this summer! In fact there were cartwheels in the grass, the family room, the driveway and one day, all of the way to the park! That was quite the sight {smile}
2. Breathe deeply and slowly – ever since I changed my diet and eliminated both dairy and gluten, it it has been my PLEASURE to inhale and exhale deeply each and every day.
3. Fresh vegetables from the garden, you bet (tomatoes and green beans)!
4. Raw Caramel S’Mores? Not quite, but we did perfect the s’more in the oven (and on the days it was too hot to turn on the oven; and while I am not crazy about the microwave, it sure was fun for the girls to watch their marshmallows blow up!)
5. Make each day healthier and happier; I tried with all of my might.
6. Site on the deck with the crickets, check. And now that the cooler weather is here, the windows are open again so I can hear their beautiful sounds lull me to sleep at night.
7. Take yoga outdoors – Blue Sky Yoga did occur!
8. Checked off Mexico with my family.
9. Be true to my intentions? I try this every day. Being in school, working full-time, having a wonderful family and feeling life’s obligations do make this feel tough at times. I remind myself not to get wrapped up with where everyone else is, but focus on WHERE I NEED TO BE.
10. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of this wonderful summer, I did remember to have a HAPPY, RADIANT one.What were the highlights of your summer? Please share!