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One of my favorite movies is “Contact.” It is the very beginning of the movie that is so fascinating; seeing and hearing the world in the detail and noise that we know today and gradually zooming out into the depths of cerebral quite in outer space. The slow pace at which the memories start to pass, the rate at which they accelerate. Countless memories that have been accumulated; joy and laughter, pain and sorrow. The precious present and the blur of the past.

Memories that involve many to those that serve one. Those we can all relate to, to those personal to the beholder. From the infinite stars in the sky, to the infinite memories we behold, here are but a few with many more untold.

The gift of friendship
Heading back to school
The birth of two beautiful children
Having to say goodbye to the airline I loved
Getting married to my long-time love
The loss of grandparents
Buying our first house
Jetting away on weekends to places far and near
A long, long, (and fun) courtship
Having a wonderful mentor who carried me under his wing
Being bit by the aviation bug
Student teaching
Moving out on my own
Graduating college
A tattoo…
Spending carefree summers as a lifeguard
Hamcubes; you just had to be there
“Howard and Bo” well, you had to be there for that one too
Meeting my best friend…”Becky and Jackie, attached at the hip” as they used to say
Summer gardening and county fairs
Winter sledding and marshmallows roasted on the fire
Street fairs
Growing up in a town where everyone knows your name
Scavenging down by the lake
Holidays homes filled with joy and laughter
Countless hours spent fishing and playing outdoors with my brother
Having grandparents and relatives a stones throw away
Walking to Lawson’s for banana popsicles
Endless hours at the library
Learning to ride a bike
Loving parents who welcomed a baby girl into the world and taught her how to navigate

What is your “Contact?”