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It started off being a simple vacation to spend quality time alone with my husband, but ended up being extra-ordinary on several fronts.

Erie Pennsylvania by itself is no extra-ordinary place, but when you find yourself in the right place at the right time, it can become just so. Tranquil temperature, on the water, no worries, no cares, no watching the watch and a gentle breeze blowing in your hair.

On multiple occasions I caught myself wondering how many times have I really thrown passion to the wind and let life take over. How often have I opened the windows in the car, put the perfect music on and just let the wind blow through my hair. How many times have I gone running to run for the enjoyment of it? Have I jumped on a bicycle and just strolled, not raced with a destination in mind.

My term for this vacation was solitary companionship. It felt as though my husband and I were the only 2 people there and at the same time I was present not only with me, but with those around me. I thought quite a bit about yoga and being present on my mat, not worrying about what others were doing. It felt good to allow me to be me; to not feel constrained, to not judge myself, even if for a short whisper in time.

The vacation was extra-ordinary because I found my space, I found my place. The wind did blow wildly through my hair as we cruised around the peninsula. We biked slowly and deliberately. We ran at our own pace. We paddled a canoe to nowhere in particular. We laughed, held hands and reconnected.