We have all had one of those days…

• Running late for work
• Children crying in the morning when you leave for work because they don’t want you to go
• Additional meetings you weren’t expecting
• Being asked “Can you do this in 6 months instead of 18?”
• Having more work than time to do it in
• Scheduling nightmares (which lead to night sweats)
• Getting home from work and there is no wine in the house

But somewhere along the way yesterday, as I was sharing my frustrations and feelings with a dear friend, I was gently reminded…

To simply be present…

Was it really that simple? Could those frustrations and feelings really melt away if I were simply present? Her other wise words of wisdom were…

Don’t forget to take time for you…


So that is exactly what I did. I took back a few minutes in my day and gave myself the freedom to do what I wanted to do. If only for 30 minutes, I chose to be present, to take a few minutes just for me. But as a parent and spouse, I still had those nagging feelings that for every spare minutes I had, should I give them back to my family? And my answer became…no. For me to be a supportive, happy, passionate, loving and generous person, I needed a few minutes just for me. The reflection that I had during those few precious minutes was inspiring. Through all of the challenges I faced during the day, I also realized I had overshadowed all of the good that happened:

• The hugs and kisses of my family before I left for work in the morning
• Being able to prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch
• Listening to an inspiring lecture in the car on the way to work
• Solving problems that arose at work
• Smiling and laughing with a co-worker
• Being able to recognize the amazing contributions of the people I work with
• Coming home to the precious smiles and laughter (and hugs and kisses) of my family
• Having quiet time with my daughters as I put them to bed

So when the grey clouds hover over your days, take a few minutes to pause and reflect back on the radiance that does shine in your life. There is always good if you stop and look for it. And when you wake up in the morning after a rough day, start with a deep breathe, an intention for a better day and the knowledge that this too shall pass, and DAMN, I reminded myself, I do have it good! And as I was getting ready for work this morning, periodically peeking around the corners to glance and smile at my children still gracefully asleep, the following happened:

• My husband brought me an unexpected shot of wheatgrass (in a classic shot glass with a slice of lemon)
• I remembered that my family is joining me for lunch at work today.

Remember, enjoy and cherish those small things in life; they make a huge difference. Need a little tune to put a spring in your step today? Chanda Mama, Playing for Change — Enjoy!