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Sick to Health

I was listening to one of my favorite Institute for Integrative Nutrition lectures this morning by Dr. Mark Hyman which got me to thinking about how often we just accept irritating health issues. His quote was:

“Most people usually don’t realize how badly they feel until they start feeling good; they don’t understand the power of food.

How many bothersome issues do we just accept each day because “that’s just how it has always been” and not pause to really understand that there may be something we can do about it?

For me personally, Gluten? Gone…No more hands that ache. Dairy? Gone…No more runny, stuffy nose and upset stomach. But it took eliminating and experimenting and the DESIRE to change or I would have continued to live with those bothersome issues, just believing that this is how my body would always be.

The power of food will never cease to amaze me!