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“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”  –Buddah

A mid-life crisis sounds so unfriendly, so cliché, and so…not me.  Deep in conversation with a friend the other day, the words “mid-life transformation” emerged, and seemingly summed up exactly what I was feeling. 

It is not a mid-life crisis to want to make life changes, it is about transforming the now to be the perfect time to make those changes.

It is not a mid-life crisis to go to a short and sassy new haircut;  it is about transforming uncertaintity into comfort in our own shoes.

It is not a mid-life crisis to want to scale back at a full-time job to spend more time with family; it is about transforming from “I need to spend more time…” to “I will spend more precious time.”

It is not a mid-life crisis to go back to school; it is about transforming your life to follow your heart.

It is not a mid-life crisis to stop.  To cry.  To become emotional.  It is a transformation to realize that what is sitting right in front of you is precious and you have the CHOICE at any point in your life to evaluate where you are and then do something about it.

It is not a mid-life crisis to radically change a diet and lifestyle.  It is a transformation to take care of your primary foods first (your relationships, physical activity, spirituality and career) and your secondary foods (nutrition) second.

How you do approach a mid-life transformation?  With gusto, with fervor with intention!

Is a transformation restricted a specific age or time in your life?  No!

Do you need to wait for a mid-life transformation to happen?  No!

At any point in life ask yourself, “Am I happy? Do I feel good about what I am doing?”   If your answer is no, now is your chance to do something about it.  It doesn’t need to be something grandiose, it can be a simple as waking up on morning and declaring that “Today is the day.  Today is the day I will take that positive step in my life.  Today is the day I will forge ahead.  Today is the day that I will set my intention, focus my energy and write my new vision.”

Your transformation will not happen overnight, but each day that you take a few minutes to focus on what really matters, is one step closer to living to your fullest potential.