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One year ago, a wise friend stopped me dead in my tracks from complaining. I was getting ready to start training for my 1st half-marathon and was struggling with finding time to run, work, play with my children, spend time with my husband…and the list goes on. In a moment he said “Rebecca, it is all about choice.” I replied with my standard “yeah but…” and again he said, “No Rebecca, you don’t understand, it is all about CHOICE.”

Hmm.… I tried to process those words as they reverberated though the grey matter in my brain that sometimes lay dormant; was it really as simple as being about choice or were there just too many roadblocks (in other words, excuses) in front of me?

Well you know how synchronicity works too right? That week, I can across an article from Robin Sharma which outlined his

60 Tips For a Stunningly Great Life (which I highly recommend) and wouldn’t you know it, number 1 said “Exercise daily,” number 14 said “Get up at 5 a.m. each day,” number 20 said “Don’t settle for anything less than excellence,” and number 36 said “PURSUE YOUR DREAMS.” Weren’t those all things what I needed to do to run my race? YES! Running the race is what I WANTED and I didn’t want another year to pass where I didn’t PURSUE MY DREAM!

So from that point forward, my dream about running a half-marathon became a dream of choice. I made the choice to get up early. I made the choice to ask my girlfriend to run with me for personal accountability. I made the choice to remove roadblocks and barriers that were in front of me.

And to this day, those words ring true in my ears every day. There are so many more instances when choice comes into play. Choice is all about you, it is all about me, it is about each of us making the conscious choice for each situation we are in.

In the words of Know The Power of Choice:

It’s not about the opportunities that are available to you.
It’s about how YOU respond to the opportunities.

It’s not about what happens in your life.
It’s about how YOU respond to what happens in your life.

It’s not about what someone says to you.
It’s about how YOU interpret what someone says to you.

The first step in this whole crazy life filled with goals, dreams, desires and challenges, is to know that you always have and will always make choices. So make the best ones for you at this very moment and live a HAPPY RADIANT LIFE.

Oh, and the half marathon? I proudly admit I finished in a respectable 2 hours and 14 minutes!