In school, my daughter has been learning all about preserving our natural resources.  So now when we are indoors or out, playing or studying, cooking or eating, she likes to remind us to always be careful not to waste or abuse our natural resources.  This coming from a little girl who loved to leave the water on full blast then whole time while brushing her teeth!

I love to see and hear the excitement in her voice when she identifies something we could be doing better; like reading the recycling label on the bottom of a container and remembering to recycle.  Or wanting to do a “garbage walk” in our neighborhood to clean up litter along side of the road.

But what I love most of all is when she is thirsty, she asks for a glass of water and she knows the healthy and healing properties of that most important natural resource.

So when she came home the other day with her work of art about water in hand, I could only smile and tell her how proud of her I was.  The title of her artwork was “Things Water is Used For,” and to her (and in her own precious spelling) water is used for:

  1. baths
  2. shawers
  3. Jrinking
  4. dishis
  5. swiming

May each of you find a small way every day to take care our of natural resource, and along the way don’t forget to take a long cool drink to keep you Happy and Radiant!